Meet the Second VP

Justin Martinez

Second Vice President

I joined the fire service because a family member became ill. I watched several times as paramedics came to our house to help him. I always wanted to do something to help others and thought this was hands-on and immediate help to others. After that experience, I did some ride-outs on an ambulance and an engine. During one of those ride-outs, the engine caught a box and I saw firefighters walk into the front door of the house that was fully involved. I immediately said, “I want to do that!”

Early in my career, I worked at 43’s and showed interest in community service to (at the time) Lt. Hinojosa who worked at 43’s on another shift. I joined DHFA because it was another outlet for helping others. Since then I have been on several committees including: Meet and Confer, I went to Austin to help with the Pension, I’ve been a representative in Pension Board elections, and I represent members in appeals and grievances. 

I have been on the DHFA e-board for over 5 years. I have learned a lot about the workings of the department and the city. I am appreciative of the skills I have learned throughout my time and the great people I’ve been able to work with on the e-board. I am proud of the professionalism and vision the DHFA shows and hope to see it continue to grow over my career in the Dallas Fire Department.

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